Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Convocation

Saturday, 15th August 2009. This is my convocation. At last, after 4 years (struggling) to get a piece of Law Degree, this is the day. My graduation day! Oh gosh, how relief i am.

I'm so sooo happy. But actually deep inside my heart, i'm crying. I wish my late mom were here. I've done all this for her. I remember the day she & my elder sister sent me to this university on my registration day. I remember all the pain we (especially my mom's) have to get through to sent me here. From that day, I'm determine to make her happy after i graduate, to get a great job and to give her a better life. But Allah love her more than i did.

And only Allah knows my feeling on my graduation day, how i wish she were here. :'(

Him ♥

First of all, thanks to him for accompanying me here.
At least i have you on this day. i ♥ you. ^^
My other siblings cant come to my convocation. sigh.

Before the Convocation started.

UKM's 37th Convocation

Graduan masuk ke dewan.
Can you spot me? ;p

Thats me on the stage! And my picture on the screen!
*okay, okay, i know its too tiny & u cant see me. hahh~


candid by him. ♥

Flower : him
Thank you, love. =)

posing tengah panas!

Okay, this is way to HOT! *i mean, the weather.
But still, i'm trying to give you a peace! hahaa~ whatever. ;p


Finally, i got the chance to do this! weeee~~~~ ^_^


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