Thursday, February 25, 2010


Retained with expected salary. yeah, the salary are quite attractive (for me lah). and probably with a short probation period. But i'm not sure how long that short period would be. She said she had discussed with another lawyers and staffs about me and my work. And they are happy with my work. She's happy too.

Of course she have to ask them how my work is, how did my behavior, & ask their opinion about me. She wont know all that thing unless people at the office tell her. Because she's not always at the office. Hey, she's the managing partner! A very busy woman! Same thing goes to everybody who will be retained, or to be confirmed after their probation period.

She said the letter of appointment will be issued within 2 - 3 more weeks, and she asked me to remind her about it. I was it true? Is it really happen? Because i felt that its all too fast. Well actually i've already knew about this few weeks ago. The other boss did ask me about this, what are my plan after my pupillage. Whether i've planned to go to another firm. I said, so far no such plan yet. And she said she will talk to the 'big boss' about my retainment. But everything are not confirm yet. And today, she (the 'big boss') called me to her room..and..confirm!

Or maybe i should wait for the appointment letter first? ;p

She did asked me to keep my salary confidential. Because if they retain another chambering students, the salary would not be the same. It depends on that person themself. Yeah, i know. Only 3 people will know about it - another boss, her (big boss), and account's "boss". hehee~ of course i wont tell anyone. Except for some people who are close to me, and for sure they are not from that office. ;p

I think this is normal here - to keep our salary confidential. Because like what i said earlier, not everybody's salary are same. If we kepoh2, then there will be some issue, and then there will be kecoh2 lah! ;D

Hmm...what should i feel now? released? because i don't have to look for another firm after my pupillage? comfortable? grateful? happy? excited? or maybe get-ready-for-the-stress? get ready for the becoming new status and new "title"? lol. dunno. All are mixed up.

The truth is, yes i am released. Because i was so damn lazy to find another firm to continue my "profession" after my pupillage. I HATE INTERVIEW! I hate being a newbie in another new workplace and have to get use with all the staffs, the boss and with that workplace. geezz~~

So far i'm comfortable being here.

Kinda excited, maybe. I just can't wait to finished my pupillage! and can't wait to get my expected advocate and solicitor's salary! weee~~~ ;) *materialistic ;p

And of course, i have to be ready for all the becoming stress of being a lawyer. I think now i've already felt the stress. But being a lawyer, the responsibility (and of course the stress) are greater. For sure.

Kinda freak out.


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