Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Twilight Saga Eclipse

Today i watched Twilight Saga Eclipse. With him. ^_^

I hate the surrounding in the cinema. Can you please shut up? Dont ruin my mood to watch this movie lah weii! Dont get too excited lah! Its totally irritating and annoying. *sigh.

Okay, basically this is not a boring movie (with Edward & Jacob, how can you said it is boring? ;D ). But there is too much of jealousy between Edward and Jacob, to fight for Bella's love. It's a bit funny actually (or maybe it is too over?). But i hate when a girl dont know who's to be with. How can you fall in love with two different man at the same time? And please lah, dont simply kissed another man if you already have your soulmate! (okay, its just a movie anyway).

Whatever it is, I Edward Cullen. Let me be your Mrs. Cullen! (gile meroyan statement nih) Hahahahahhh~~~ ;DD

But its not really satisfying to watch this movie just once. Maybe I'll watched it again. Furthermore, it seems like there is no ending. Of course there is no ending, because there are still Breaking Dawn coming soon!

Btw, Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn (the final chapter) will be released on November 2011 and it will be split into two part. Cant wait to watch it.

Hey..NOVEMBER 2011?

Are you kidding me?? Pffttt..!!!


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