Tuesday, October 18, 2011

URL Changed.

I have changed my blog's URL. Again. 

I knew the consequences of changing URL. I will lose my readers. No body will visit my blog, until i do something to let them know my new URL, e.g. blogwalking, leave my new URL in other's blog, and whatever. Well i know people rarely came to my blog anyway, or even read it. Whatever la kan.

I have to change almost everything on my blog. From blog list, to Nuffnang, e.t.c.  -.-'

And a lot more bad consequence. 

Its okay. Never mind. I blog for my own satisfaction. Moreover, i finally use my own nick name for my blog. Can you tell how happy and satisfied i am? Hahaa~

Until then, 

lots of love, 
Nini Mohd


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