Thursday, May 26, 2011

today. first time. and relieve.

Today i was so relieve. Quiet happy and grateful. 

Today is my first time conducting a full trial. Usually my other senior lawyer will help me conducting the trial, and i will only sitting beside them taking notes and evidence from the witnesses. Because i'm very junior and didn't really used to the procedure and not as expert as them in conducting the trial.

But today, i did it on my own. One of my senior lawyer, which is my boss actually, accompanied me to that trial. But she just sit beside me and help me if the circumstances need her to do so. I'm quiet nervous actually. -.-

I'm so stressed in these few days actually, with two full trial coming up, which i have to find and contact the witness for that trial. And of course a lot of things to be done for the said trial. Oh, dont mention about the other things that i have to settle up in the office. Working until night. And brings the work to home some more. *sigh  T_T

Now is this explained why i didnt update my blog for few days? Hahaa~ *excuses! 

No, i'm telling the truth! ;DD 

Once this morning's trial is done, i was sooooooooo relieve. It's not a bad as i'm worried all this while. Well...maybe because the case was not that difficult and not that complicated. 

I think i'm too soft-hearted. During my cross-examination on the opponent's witness, i felt sympathy for him (the witness). Okay, be strong, Nini. Remember what Mr Kevin said : "lawyer must use brain, not heart".

And i dont think i'm cruel anyway. Its just that he didnt know how to answer my question so that his answer wont trapped himself and damaging his claim. And obviously his lawyer didn't advise him properly what is their claim, what is the possibility of our question, how to answer our question, and so on.

And the most important thing is, we (as lawyers) must advise our client properly whether our claim have any merit, the chances of winning, the cost which the client will have to pay for bringing that action to court, the consequences if they loose (especially the cost), and lot of things which layman (public) would not aware of.

One is done, another trial is coming up in the middle of next month. Errr~ *pengsan.

Alamak poyo-nyer speaking London plak kat entri nih. Dah lah London tunggang langgang. Kahkahkahh~ 

Ah, lantak lah kan. 

Moral of the story : chose your lawyer wisely. dont be happy with lawyers who tell you what you want to hear. but chose lawyers who give advise honestly base on their experience.

Ok bye! ;DD 

* p/s : super duper tired day. dan aku masih mengadap laptop? good night lah semua.


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